Friday, January 9, 2009

Let's see... in Thailand there are moneyboys and there are moneyboys.

Let's see... in Thailand there are moneyboys and there are moneyboys.

The moneyboy signs are fairly easy:

1. Wildly expensive clothes, accessories (mobile!), a shoe fetish, on no visible means of support or something poorly paid (like waiter).
2. Not rich, but speaks excellent English
3. Not rich, but speaks of foreign trips
4. Asks you to pay the tab not only for him but also a cluster of other similarly attired young men who disappear after the meal's finished/the club's opened.
5. Asks for "taxi money" home [esp. 200-300B] when a bus would do

But there's another category of "kept boys" which are trickier. These kept boys are lucky enough to find a number of rich foreign tourists who are attractive enough to them as partners to keep on a rotating basis- they may have half a dozen or so or more on a string, and visit them as they have their vacations. They get LOADS of money from these guys, too, as each foolishly believes himself to be the only one.

Now, the tricky part happens when THESE guys want a REAL boyfriend- they won't need money- they won't ask for money- they'll probably even pay for you, pick up the tab, anything!

Sounds like heaven until they have to go on a sudden "trip" for a few WEEKS, or aren't there on Valentine's day for no special reason, or mysteriously disappear because Daddy Moneybags has summoned them to Switzerland.

How do you know if you're dating a "kept boy?"
1. No visible means of support, but obviously has money- sends money home, has own apt., mb accessories, stereo, TV, the works
2. Will often claim to be "in the closet" and use this as an excuse not to be seen with you where/when it may compromise him, like the usual normal gay bars
3. Often absent on short/long trips "to the country," but you're not allowed to meet the family (see #2).
4. Gets angry or evasive when you finally start to raise the issue of where the money comes from

How do I know these things? Been there, done that!

Good luck....
[I'm only a LITTLE bitter!]