Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cruising the gay online community in Thailand. Guide to make more out of the internet.

ZombieBlondies link list with comments.

Somehow, I cannot build sub pages here and the list with it's comments will become too long to be placed in the side row. Temporary solution – put it in into a blog entry.

Not all of us are strictly Rice Queens. Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket - a large community of expat gay residents and regular visitors. A very international community with a broad diversity of cultural backgrounds. You can meet them online at various places in the internet.
There are the well known places, where you can put up your profile, announce your likes and dislikes, your fetish, what you are looking for and what you are willing to give. Some profiles there are so detailed, that I know more about my future date, than I know about myself. You put your wish list in the search engine and contact the boys the machine had found. That kind of match making is boring, there is no space for surprise left. You will even know his man meat size, shape and cut grade before hand. No chance for a WOW effect, only when the sissy messed up inch and cm, but 50/50 can that be also a disappointment.
These 'traditional' online cruising places take the chilli out of the curry, the meal becomes fads, providing you with a calculated carb and protein ration. A culinary treat like in a state hospital.
Second, no obligations for a gay to sign up there. Many will not, for the reasons above , bad experiences in the past or because this way isn’t part of their lifestyle, he is shy, he is a troll, in the process of coming out, still in the closet , thinks ‘good’ gay boys don’t go there and he is a good boy and so on and so on. Maybe your future dates never thought about it to met other partners in the internet, are not net savvy enough, have a poor developed gaydar, but that all can change in the moment you start flirting with him.
Cruising only in special zones and areas limits opportunities. You should cruise all over the local web.
The intention and idea behind the link list is to scale and mapping how gay is the online neighbourhood. Be a guide and provide orientation. Build up a profiles of certain gay clusters, rate them, point out what you can expect there, in what mood the crowd swings to what music they step there, what are the advantages and disadvantages, suggest special strategies to strike successful there.
A zoo for mature, old-fashioned queers, old gay white men. Thailand’s leading GWM portal, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which participants can play different characters of gay stereotypes. Clerk, nurse, biker, "teacher", beach boy, SEO master, farmer, policeman, pilot, linguist, woman - your choice. Only the novice gamer talking about Thai wife from good family. The other closeted mullets respect the rule, do not talk bad about the alternative lifestyle. No homophobia, we are a brotherhood and bitching about woman the first step out of the closet.
If you don't have a photo of a sick soi dog, some furfag or yiffi image will do for the use as avatar. Keep your role simple and infantile, don't forget it is only a game. But once you are banned you can never come back. If you are going to impersonate a fem, please check with brother sbk before, if your ideas of the woman role go confirm with his concepts how a 'real woman' should be.
The other queer portal, youngsters. YGWB, young gay white boys. Skater boys and skater punks If you think slapstick is funny, go there. The members are banned trolls heros dissidents YGWB's from the real queer gay portal. In RL, these kind of people listen to loud music after 10:30 pm, have to borrow a tie from you when they show up monday morning in the office, one hour too late. Young people. If you are not sure about your own male gender identity, teakdoor is a good place that the western LGBT community in thailand has to offer. The Trick to blend with the rough crowd over there is a wisely chosen avatar. Go to Google. image, search for E/F/G or J カップ アイドル 巨乳I was informed that straight wapanese fapping to this, somekind the japanese translation of Shotacon for non queers. Select a random pic and use it as your avatar. You win. Now you will never ever get banned on this board, because you stay in stealth mode and are invisible for the other gay male boys, members and mods in the club behind the teakdoor.
Andrew Hicks, a geriatric bloke, trolls lonely closeted illiterati with no sex life at all. They think a book, a manual, could help them to understand women. He makes profit out of our clueless brother. Good, let them spoil their money elsewhere before they ruin the good prices at our buyers market. Have a look at his blog to see how sissy queer the heteros are.
Btw.the writer himself has nothing to do with lady boys or LGBT or so, impersonate women - for Brits straight as a fag.

later more, work in progress

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Poor boy from Chile, loved Madonna so much he decided to become her. has the full story

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Figueroa, 28, became obsessed with Madonna from the first moment he heard her music on his parents’ crackling radio in Santiago, the Daily Mail reported.

“Madonna was so naughty, so sexy and unorthodox she broke the rules and I wanted to know everything about her”, said the guy.

Now Elias is a gay look alike and earns $12,000 a year as a Man-donna impersonator, three times the national salary in Chile, and the equivalent of around £50,000 in the UK.

not a Thai Ladyboy, Peaceblondie, ijustwannateach like ...

Episcopal Church ends gay bishops ban - Washington Times

Episcopal Church ends gay bishops ban - Washington Times

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Support for gay marriage lukewarm |

Support for gay marriage lukewarm |

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Female Impersonators + Thailands leading GWM Portal + Author of Letters to the Editor = Internet Drama

It's complicated but interesting to follow how the different tag teams, factions and i-egos of the Thai related internet world have currently a go at each other.
Check for yourself.

Andrew Drummond, an investigative freelancer on lady boy scams in Pattaya, got a problem with thaivisa, or better the thaivisa basement dwellers.

(Btw. that wasn’t the first time, A.D. complaining about is a long and never-ending story. The history behind involved some expat resident in the north of Thailand, But this is not the topic now. The senile old hand in question, a ’78 Peace Corps veteran, is actually innocent clueless what this could be about and more or less an internet illiterate and DGAF.)

In the current issue, A. D. published a blog entry that comments on thaivisa are disgusting. Somebody else, open a new topic on thaivisa, focussed on that upbraid, but the backlink get deleted and the topic quickly closed.

Hey! That is the way how we handle the thing on thaivisa, just take a look at the impressive list of nearly 6000 over 9000 banned members. There is a lot of workload behind, an outsider cannot imagine.

I feel little bit sorry for A. D. most of his hokum, got recycled on thaivisa and is welcome as content. Even his loony letters to the editor at The Nation get repeated. Usually he writes exactly that, what the SEO mullets and the other trucker want to read at thaivisa. However, he does not understand how it works in our forum. Bitching about mods is a No No, rule number whatever. You have to suck men meat or running at least a fan blog, that how it goes.

Anyway kudos to him for providing entertainment.

Meanwhile the queers and DD-cup female impersonators at teakdoor having a field day. Lame attempts to mock a tough furry like endure or subboard Mod like me. Those are mostly the trolls from the thaivisa banned member list. Trying to sneak trough the backdoor so often, failed and want to make a drama out of it.

p.s. In an other forum i was the vitim of a sucessful troll attack. later more.

Teenage boy sucked into pool pump

"A 14-year-old schoolboy from the Isle of Man has died while on holiday in Thailand after being sucked into a swimming pool pumping system.
It is thought Nathan Clark Griffiths opened a vent at the bottom of the pool in an attempt to retrieve his goggles.
The incident happened in the resort of Pattaya, east of the capital Bangkok. He was holidaying with his father, brother, stepbrother and stepmother. "
The teenager's mother Marion Griffiths, 40 and his 10-year-old sister Naomi live in Douglas in the Isle of Man.
"He had been sucked into the pipe and when they open it in the pump room a lot of water and Nathan were there.
"Jimmy got him out and tried to give him mouth-to-mouth. "

BBC gives us a 101 lesson how to generate traffic and click rate with wisely choosen Buzz Words. STRIKE!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Man has caught swine flu in a Gay Sauna in Bangkok, Massage and Karaoke Parlours closing

The Nation, an English-language Thai newspaper, with the latest reports on new influenza cases in thailand.

"The National Culture Commission is asking some 10,000 karaoke parlours and 49,000 game shops nationwide to sanitise their equipment and not to allow children or young adults inside.

Secretary General Chaweerat Kasetsoontorn said she would like to see them close voluntarily for 15 days, especially if any staff or customers were found to have contracted type A (H1N1).

In Chiang Mai, a man said he came down with the disease after visiting a gay sauna in Bangkok, said Natee Teerarojjanapongs, presฌident of the Gay Political Group of Thailand.

He called on saunaowners to screen clients before allowing them in.

The sauna in question is located in the Pattanakarn Road area, and many clients were coughing, Natee quoted the unnamed man as saying.

He said there were about 60 saunas for gay men in Bangkok, two in Khon Kaen and three in Chiang Mai.

In Kamphaeng Phet yesterday, the provincial culture and publichealth offices inspected local karaoke parlours and urged them to keep their doors open during their offservice hours, for better ventilation.

They also asked them not to serve young adults or any clients exhibiting flu or cold symptoms."

How long it will take until massage parlours, gay saunas, gogo bars, the body to body contact places and other nightlife spots like discotheques are ordered to shut and close? Tourist places like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket with no bars open?:

THE BIG FAT GAY COLLAB! Youtube against Gay Discrimination

the queers at youtube post their answers on the internet hate.
this video want to cheer up the victims of gay hate.