Friday, June 26, 2009

Thai culture of Denial - the Reality

I think the Thais have a culture of denial. It is not simply hypocrisy or two-facedness, which is common in many countries- if there is some negative attribute which they wish to hide, they seem compelled not only to cover it up but to STRONGLY, VOCALLY deny it. This goes for so-called "Thai values" as well as individual character. For example, [I tried to put these on the same lines in a parallel fashion but this darn editor keeps deleting the formatting spaces I put in!]

Thais are sexually conservative.
Thais are socially conservative.
Thais are calm and cool.

Everone screws like rabbits.
Everyone has affairs.
Thais have terribly emotional storms.

I don't have many dates.
I don't go there.
I'm not materialistic.
Up to you!
I don't tell you lies!

I'm a slut.
It's my favorite place.
Show me the money!
I want it my way!
I'm a pathological liar!

Time after time, when I examine what my Thai friends/acquaintances take so much trouble to deny, I find the truth by reversing their denials. It's a technique I recommend, somewhat cynically.